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Compeer Financial offices are open to the public, with standard health protocols in place. Learn more about what we’re doing to keep everyone safe during this time.

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Support & Tutorials

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For assistance, please contact:  800-705-6603

[email protected]

Support available Monday-Friday, 7:30 a.m. – 5 p.m.


Compeer Financial offers Online Banking so clients can manage their accounts when and where it’s most convenient for them. The following browsers are supported for Compeer Online Banking: Internet Explorer 11 or higher, Firefox 27 or higher, Google Chrome 22 or higher, Android 5 or higher, Apple Safari 7 or higher.


Accessing Compeer Financial's Online Banking Site

Compeer Financial’s Online Banking can be found by visiting and clicking “Account Login” in the upper right corner.

Getting Started- First-Time Online Banking Users

To get started, you’ll need your customer number (CIF) available from the top right corner of your statement, zip code, the last four digits of your SSN or company EIN, and an email address on file with Compeer. If you need help or don't have an email on file, please call Compeer Financial at 800-705-6603 for assistance.

Access the Online Banking login page through Compeer Financial’s website,

  1. Click "Account Login" in the upper right corner.
  2. Click “Enroll in Online Banking” under SIGN INTO ONLINE BANKING. The login page will appear.
  3. Click “Enroll for Internet Banking”.
  4. Enter your customer number, which can be found on a Compeer Financial invoice or your loan paperwork. You will also need to enter your zip code. Click continue.
  5. Enter requested information.
  6. Click "Sign In."
  7. Select Challenge Questions page will appear. Select your Challenge Questions and enter responses.
  8. Click Submit.
  9. Agree to Terms and Conditions. Click Submit.

One-Time PIN Enrollment (OTP)

A One-Time PIN (OTP) is required for first time account setup and anytime a client changes their profile or OTP delivery details. For some users, OTP is required after every external transfer.

OTP delivers a 6-digit numeric pin to the client’s email address, or mobile device as a text message. Clients choose which method they want to use every time an OTP is required.

OTPs last for 10 minutes and cannot be re-used. A new OTP will be provided with each request. Each request replaces any previously delivered PINs, rendering previous PINs useless, even within the 10-minute window.

OTPs can be requested a maximum of 3 times. If the user requests an OTP a 4th time, the transaction/activity is cancelled and must be re-executed.

One-Time Pin (OTP) Delivery Change
To change OTP delivery methods (email address, phone number or mobile number), go to Preferences menu and then select the One-Time PIN Settings. Click “Edit”. An OTP will be required before these settings can be changed.

Steps for Completing OTP Enrollment Process

  1. Verify One-Time PIN delivery details (phone numbers and email address).
  2. Agree to Disclaimer.
  3. Confirm delivery details (phone numbers and email addresses). Select OTP Delivery Option. Click “Send OTP” button.
  4. Receive OTP message via method specified.
  5. Enter OTP and click "Confirm."
  6. Account page will appear.

Enroll in Mobile Banking

Compeer Financial has a mobile banking app for clients to conveniently manage their accounts and utilize mobile remote deposit. Enrollment in Mobile Banking is required for the app to function.

How to Enroll
Log in to Compeer Online Banking and navigate to the Mobile Banking tab. Agree to the Terms & Conditions and submit. Clients will be asked to set up a mobile username and mobile password.

  • Mobile username may be the same as the one used for Online Banking.
  • Mobile password may be the same as the one used for Online Banking.
  • The phone number associated with Mobile Banking must be the same number as used for One-Time PIN.
  • Regardless of the number associated with Mobile Banking, you may use any device to download and login to the mobile application. 

Once the Mobile username and password are set, click “Enroll.”

Download the Compeer Financial app from your device’s app store and use these mobile credentials to log in via the Compeer Mobile Banking app.

Remote Deposit

Clients are able to execute remote deposits via the Compeer Financial Mobile Banking app. This service is restricted to operating loans only and is further restricted to a “regular payment”. Special Principal Payments, Interest Only Payments and Early Principal Payments are not allowed via mobile remote deposit. If you are interested in these services, our dedicated scanner service is available (scanner purchase and monthly service fees apply).

Available Services

  • Loan balances and details
  • Domestic wire transfers
  • Directly link your QuickBooks or Quicken software with Compeer Online Banking
  • Account balances and details
  • Templates to save payees and all wire details
  • Remote deposit with dedicated check scanners
  • Retrieve check images
  • ACH payments
  • WebConnect and Direct Connect for Intuit
  • View statements and bills
  • Transfer funds electronically to all of your payees
  • WebConnect and Direct Connect for Intuit
  • Transfer between Compeer loans and accounts
  • Payroll
  • Security layer protecting you from check fraud
  • Make loan payments
  • Direct deposit to multiple accounts per employee
  • ACH receipts
  • Transfer money to external checking or savings accounts from eligible loans
  • Payee imports
  • Pull funds from other accounts
  • Mobile banking
  • Import entire payment files or payee list
  • WebConnect and Direct Connect for Intuit
  • Bill Pay



The Compeer Financial Online Banking has a number of alerts available, including alerts for account changes, balances by account, transactions and additions of any payees. By default, several alerts are automatically enabled for security.
Compeer Financial recommends clients enable the Transaction Alert manually. This will notify clients when transactions are submitted, providing a level of security by making clients aware if activity is occurring without their knowledge.
Alerts default to the email address associated with the account. One additional email account can be added. Those enrolled in mobile banking can also receive text alerts.

Transaction and Transfers

Cut-Off Time- 3 p.m. CST
Transfers submitted prior to 3 p.m. CST will be sent the same day. Transactions made after 3 p.m. CST will be sent the next business day. Scheduled payments are able to be edited or cancelled until 3 p.m. on the date they are scheduled to send.

Transfers scheduled for a future date will be sent on the date scheduled.

Scheduled transactions of variable amounts (amount due, for example) cannot be edited in the online banking site. If at any time you would like to change or remove the payment, please contact the Compeer Financial at 800-705-6603.

Scheduled future payments are not enabled via mobile banking.

Internal Transfers
Transfers between Compeer accounts will be completed on the same day that the transfer is sent. If the transfer is completed by 3 p.m., it will take effect that same day unless scheduled for a future send date.

External Transfers
Transfers between a Compeer account and an external bank account will be completed via an overnight process. The money will arrive in the destination account the next business day.

External Account Balances
Please note that Online Banking cannot determine the available balance in external accounts. As a result, transfers from external accounts with non-sufficient funds may not be completed, incur a NSF fee, or result in the initiation of an overdraft protection service depending on the policies applying to that account.

Linking External Accounts
Compeer Financial is working on a new service to enable external account linking. Until that service is implemented, the best way to link an external bank account is to call 800-705-6603 for assistance. A representative will send an electronic authorization form that can be completed online. In the future, clients will be able enter their own account information and an automated verification process will validate access to the account.

Pending Transfer
All pending (future dated) transfers are available to edit or cancel by going to the Transfer page and scrolling under the transfer to/from drop-down selection boxes.

Recurring payments will always be seen in pending payments until they are scheduled to end or those transactions are cancelled.

Pending payments can only be cancelled using the website, not Mobile Banking.

Transaction History
Once a payment is executed, the record of that activity moves to the Transaction History menu located by going to the Transfers page and clicking on Transaction History on the far right.

Bill Pay

In order to use Bill Pay there is a 3rd party enrollment form that must be completed the first time. Once enrolled, the service utilizes your Compeer loan to send ACH Payments and checks to payees.

Checks issued by the Bill Pay service provider are sent using a “Good Funds” model, meaning the funds required for the disbursement of those checks is pulled the day the checks are issue, assuring that the service provider has the funds when the checks are cleared. There is no ‘float’ on Bill Pay check payments.

Time Out Period

After 20 minutes of inactivity during a logged in session, the user will be automatically logged out and will have to log back in.

Nickname Accounts

To personalize account names for easier reference, go to the Preferences menu, then Nicknames. This will impact all Online Banking references to those accounts, but is limited to Online Banking.