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Anonymous Reporting

Anonymous and Confidential Reporting

Compeer Financial has made a commitment to practice the highest standards of ethics and integrity in our relationships with clients and the operation of our business.

Along with our business associate, EthicsPoint, Compeer Financial maintains a confidential and anonymous reporting system to aid in fulfilling this commitment. This reporting system gives customers, employees, business partners and vendors the opportunity to report complaints with respect to accounting, internal accounting controls or audit-related matters in an anonymous and confidential manner.

Compeer Financial’s board of directors is committed to practicing the ethical standards outlined in the Sarbanes-Oxley Act; even though members of the Farm Credit System are not subject to that law. Compeer Financial has decided to follow much of the act as “best practice,” including a confidential and anonymous reporting system.

Reports may be submitted through the Internet or by phone. The system created by EthicsPoint has many features that ensure reporting is completely confidential and anonymous. The following links provide instructions on accessing the program by phone or Internet.

To file or follow up on a confidential and anonymous report from an internet accessible computer, click on the links to the right and follow the instructions or call 1-866-294-3564.

Leaving the Compeer Website

To file a report on the EthicsPoint website, you must leave the Compeer Financial website.

The link you have chosen is located on another server. Clicking the link below will cause you to leave the Compeer Financial website and proceed to the EthicsPoint website.

The EthicsPoint website is not subject to Compeer Financial’s privacy policy and Compeer Financial is not responsible for the use of any information these sites may collect nor for the privacy policies for these other sites. The EthicsPoint website may send their own cookies to users, collect data or solicit personal information.

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