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On Your Side: Agricultural Appraisals

On Your Side: Agricultural Appraisals

When it comes to working with agricultural clients, not every bank or lender simply has internal resources for farm and rural real estate appraisals. This is where Compeer Financial comes in. Our team of appraisers regularly complete appraisals to support collateral values for banks and other lenders who may not have agricultural appraisers on staff.
Commercial Banks, Community Banks and other Lenders rely on the services of the Compeer Appraisal Team for several reasons:

  1. Confidentiality is priority 1: As a lender, our team understands client relationships can be very sensitive and personal that’s why our appraisers go out of their way to keep the entire appraisal process completely confidential and independent of our lending process.  We do not wear Compeer apparel to site inspections, we keep any reference to Compeer out of the appraisal report and all details about the appraisal request are kept 100% confidential. We work hard to earn and maintain the trust of you and your clients.


  1. Timeliness: Timely valuations are key to supporting the lending process which is why our team is committed to delivering appraisals on time, every time.  In addition, having a large staff of appraisers means we’re able to complete “rush” appraisals upon request or appraisals that cover multiple counties/areas quickly and efficiently. 


  1. Cost Effective: You need appraisals that are well-supported and accurate at a competitive price.  Our goal at Compeer is to provide a superior product at a competitive price.  Our team works hard to provide appraisals that are well-supported and accurate at a fair price.  Generally, Compeer appraisers work in small territories, which keeps travel time/costs down and enables us to put more time into the reporting aspect of the process resulting in a high quality, accurate appraisal report.


  1. Industry Knowledge: Agricultural and rural real estate appraisals are anything but routine, and a number of variables can impact the outcome. At Compeer, we have 48 Certified General Appraisers, Nine Trainee Appraisers (mentored by our senior staff) and Five Chattel Appraisers.  Fifteen of our appraisers have over 30 years’ experience.  Additionally, we have specialists for nearly every property type in our territory and the most robust comparable sales database in the upper Midwest.

As a lender, it may seem counterintuitive to partner with Compeer. Rest assured, we are as committed to ethical standards, quality assurance and reporting consistency as you are. Plus, our goal is to build a referral relationship with you, so poaching your loan clients is simply not going to happen. In fact, your clients don’t even need to know we offer lending services. For your farm or agribusiness clients, your best bet is partnering with an appraiser with a proven reputation in the agricultural arena and an intimate knowledge of the marketplace.

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