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A Lender Rooted in Community: What It Means to Be a Member of a Cooperative

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When it comes to rural properties, many buyers choose to work with Compeer Financial for its expertise. From appraisal to closing, Compeer's team understands the ins and outs of rural lending, and it can finance on many of the unique properties traditional banks can't. 

By working with Compeer, buyers don't just benefit during the lending process. Because Compeer is a cooperative, buyers become member-owners. It's another way Compeer is continually giving back to the communities it serves. 

So what exactly is a cooperative, and what does it mean to be a part of one? 

Investing in members

After closing on a property, buyers become "member-owners" of Compeer's cooperative. The title may sound confusing, but it's actually relatively straightforward, said Leigh Rodebaugh, a lending officer with Compeer. At its core, Compeer is partially owned by its customers. 

As a cooperative, Compeer shares its success with its member-owners. One of the biggest ways it does that is through yearly patronage checks. 

"Every year, it really drives home that as a member-owner, you're invested in the success of Compeer, and we're invested in yours," Rodebaugh said. 

"Plus, being a cooperative means Compeer does its lending in-house. This type of lending allows buyers to adjust their interest rates without refinancing their loan. They can also go into any branch with questions. 

"There are a lot of unique features we get to offer our members since most of our loans stay in-house with us," Rodebaugh said. 

"You can walk into any office and talk to a customer service representative and they're going to be able to look at your loan and tell you what's going on with it."

Investing in community

Member-owners don't just get to take advantage of the cooperative's unique benefits. They also get to play an active role in both the cooperative and the larger community. 

A key element of most cooperatives is giving members a say in leadership decisions, and Compeer is no different. Member-owners can vote in Compeer's board elections

"Because every member-owner gets the voting rights, they get to give us their opinion and tell us what they think the company should be doing," Rodebaugh said. 

Compeer also encourages its member-owners to get involved in their communities through customer appreciation meals and other events.

"Compeer does such a good job of actually being involved in the community," Rodebaugh said. "I might only do one loan for a couple, but I'll see them over and over again and talk to them over and over again. The relationship doesn't end after signing."

Considering a move? We're here to help.

People have more choices and opportunities than ever to live where they want, and for many the peace and quiet of the rural lifestyle is increasingly attractive. 

As a leading mortgage provider for people moving to the county, Compeer Financial has seen where the potential pitfalls lie -- and we hope that by sharing some of them with you, you can make your own move to the rural lifestyle that much smoother. 

Click here to connect with a Compeer Financial Loan Officer today! 

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