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Compart Farms: 74 Years of Family, Pork & Innovation

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For over 74 years, the Compart family has dedicated themselves to the appreciation of pork through their work at Compart Family Farms in Nicollet, Minnesota. As ambassadors for this essential industry, they gladly share what makes pork one of the most nutritious and delicious protein choices and take pride in the work they do to raise their livestock.

The Compart family’s legacy in the pork industry began in 1949 when Richard Compart first showed Duroc pigs as a 4-H project. Fate intervened at the Minnesota State Fair, where he met his future wife, Bonnie. Together, they ventured into raising Duroc pigs while also raising five children. Today, their operation thrives with sons Dean, Jim and Chris at the helm, followed closely by the next generation of Compart pig farmers — Robert, Dan and Kyle. 

“From the time we could walk, we were in the barns,” said Jim. “We didn’t know any different. It provided a good lifestyle and good living for our family. It’s not very often that you have the whole family involved in the business.”


Building the Business

Compart Family Farms takes immense pride in being a fully integrated business, overseeing every aspect from birth to the final product in grocery stores.  

“The crops we grow are fed to the animals, and the manure the animals produce fertilizes those crops,” explained Chris. “There’s nothing more sustainable.” 

Daryl Timmerman, senior swine lending specialist at Compeer Financial, lauds the operation as a prime example of how pig farmers nationwide play a pivotal role in their communities.

“By purchasing grain from their local neighbors and employing a number of people on farms, their impact on local economies is really impressive,” he said. 

Compart Family Farms has evolved into one of the largest family owned swine genetic businesses in the Midwest, boasting multiple locations in Minnesota and a presence in central Iowa.

“As our operation grew, our financial needs expanded,” said Jim. “Working with Compeer is phenomenal. They understand the daily challenges farmers face because many of them are farmers themselves.”


Integrating Tech

Using artificial insemination and ultrasound technology, the Comparts deliver premium, high-quality pork products to customers. 

“With artificial insemination, you can harness the genetic potential of superior boars to a much greater extent,” said Dean. “That’s the beauty of it. You can use the most elite boars more extensively.”

Through careful breeding for marbling, the Comparts provide a juicer product with an enhanced flavor profile. Chris also holds certification as an ultrasound technician, enabling him to assess Duroc pigs and measure intramuscular fat accurately.


Quality Protein

“Our family is dedicated to raising a quality product that enhances profitability for other producers and enriches the dining experience for consumers,” said Dan. “We strive to advance the entire industry and demonstrate that there’s an opportunity to create a superior and more profitable product, benefiting people, communities, and the environment.”

From Duke’s Waikiki in Hawaii to Tavern on the Green in Manhattan, Compart’s premium Duroc pork graces restaurant menus across the U.S. Additionally, Compart’s Boar Store ships their products year-round to customers.

“People love our branded program,” noted Jim. “When they buy our product, they know exactly what to expect. It’s Compart’s, and it consistently delivers the same exceptional eating experience.”

The Comparts are committed to representing and promoting their industry, showcasing pork as a high-quality protein that should be a staple in everyone’s diet.

“Pork is one of the most popular meats consumed,” said Chris. “Being a pork producer is a source of pride. We wear many hats and are proud of the impact we have been able to make from farm to table.”


This article was originally printed in the Winter 2023 edition of Compeer Financial's Cultivate magazine. 

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