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In Tough Times, Lean on Your Team

As a pork producer, facing economic challenges is an unavoidable reality. Fluctuating market conditions, rising input costs and unforeseen external factors can pose significant threats to the financial stability of your operation. In these turbulent times, the importance of leaning on a team of advisors cannot be overstated. Your team likely consists of fellow owners, family members and key employees, but it may also include your primary vendors and advisors. Gathering input and collaborating with your veterinarian, nutritionist, accountant, risk management consultant and lender can make all the difference in weathering the storm. 

Veterinarians play a pivotal role in ensuring the health and well-being of your swine herd. In challenging economic times, their expertise becomes even more critical. Timely disease detection and prevention measures not only improve animal well-being but also protect your investment. Working closely with veterinarians will allow you to implement proactive health strategies, minimizing the risk of disease outbreaks and subsequent financial losses. 

Your nutritionist contributes to the team by optimizing feed formulations, striking a balance between cost-effectiveness and maintaining the health and productivity of your herd. With their insights, you can adjust diets to maximize efficiency and minimize waste, stretching every dollar spent on feed. A well-nourished herd is not only more resilient to economic challenges but also more productive, contributing to improved overall farm profitability

Accountants are essential for maintaining financial transparency and ensuring sound fiscal management. They play a crucial role in budgeting, financial analysis and compliance. In challenging economic times, accountants can provide valuable insights into cost-management measures, tax strategies and financial planning, helping you make informed decisions.  

A risk management consultant specializes in identifying and mitigating potential threats to the business. This may involve developing strategies to hedge against volatile market prices, managing input cost fluctuations and implementing insurance solutions. Their expertise enables producers to navigate uncertainties with a well-informed and strategic approach. 

Lenders are crucial in providing financial support and guidance during tough economic times. Collaborating with your lender or lending team allows you to explore financing options, understand terms and develop contingency plans. Clear communication with your lender can help secure the necessary capital to endure economic downturns and position your operation for long-term success. 

In difficult times, especially during an industry-wide economic challenge, collaboration is key. By leaning on a diverse team of advisors, you can enhance your ability to navigate these uncertain times, make informed decisions and ultimately secure the long-term success of your operations.  

Dusty Compart is a Swine Lending Specialist with Compeer Financial. For more insights from Dusty and the Compeer Swine Team, visit



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