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Emergency Response Grants Awarded

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Compeer Financial Awards $746K to Emergency 

Response Departments

Emergency Response Equipment Grants Benefit Departments in Ill., Minn. and Wis.


Sun Prairie, Wis., (October 10, 2023)  Compeer Financial’s Fund for Rural America, the Farm Credit cooperative’s giving program, has granted 177 awards through their Emergency Response Equipment Program, including 15 collaboration grants for shared equipment across multiple departments. 

These grants are designed to alleviate the financial burden of essential equipment for community emergency response departments serving rural America. The Emergency Response Equipment Collaboration Grant, now in its second year, underscores the importance of teamwork among volunteer fire, rescue and ambulance departments when responding to emergencies. 

“We understand that rural departments often pool resources and critical life-saving equipment,” said Karen Schieler, senior corporate giving specialist with Compeer Financial. “The spirit of collaboration is strong among emergency departments within Compeer’s territory, and we aspire to make a positive impact on more lives. First responders selflessly give their all when people are in distress, and these tools and resources will prove invaluable in crucial situations.”

In addition to these grants, Compeer Financial completed a cooperative-wide service project in partnership with Operation Gratitude as a thank you to first responders. Team members created more than 4,200 notes of thanks and paracord lanyards to show appreciation for those who serve their communities as first responders. 

The 2023 Emergency Response Equipment Collaboration Grants offer up to $10,000 each and will directly impact 33 collaborating departments, involving 816 department members. 

The departments receiving the Emergency Response Collaboration Grants include:


  • Carthage Fire Department, Augusta Fire Department: Grain bin rescue wall, gas meters, rescue auger, fan, and rotary saw
  • Elizabeth Community Ambulance Service, Elizabeth Fire Protection District, Hanover Fire Protection District: Automated CPR compression device
  • Kaneville Fire Protection District, Big Rock Fire Protection District: Respirator fit testing system
  • Lexington Fire Protection District, Towanda Fire Protection District, Hudson Fire Protection District, Gridley Fire Protection District: Shipping container for training and a set of hand tools
  • MABAS Division 25, Naplate, Wallace, Marseilles: Rope rescue equipment


  • Brewster Fire Department, Worthington Fire Department: Extrication lift bags with controller and hoses
  • Ceylon Community Fire Department, Dunnell-Lake Fremont Fire Department: Air tank fill station
  • Ellendale Ambulance Service, Geneva Fire Department: Mechanical chest compression system
  • Le Center Volunteer Ambulance, Le Center EMS Rehab/Le Sueur County Rehab: 12-Lead
  • Rockville Fire/Rescue, Cold Spring Fire/Rescue: Grain bin rescue equipment


  • Alma Fire Department, Tri-Community Fire Dept: Battery-operated cutters
  • Chetek Fire Department, Weyerhaeuser Fire Department: Portable water pump
  • Fredonia Fire Department, Belgium Fire Department: Enclosed trailer, safety vests, traffic cones, warning signs, flares, and lights
  • Kickapoo Valley Rescue Squad Inc, LaFarge Area Ambulance: Monitor/defibrillator
  • Ridgeway Volunteer Fire Dept Inc, Hollandale Fire Department, Barneveld-Brigham Fire District: Rescue air cushions with a regulator

Additionally, 162 individual departments received Emergency Response Equipment Grants of up to $4,000 each. Since the program’s establishment in 2018, the Fund has distributed 970 Emergency Response Equipment Grants totaling $3 million. 

The departments receiving Emergency Response Equipment Grants include: 


  • Akron-Princeville Fire Department: Grain bin rescue panels, hooks, extrication pipes, and rescuer platforms
  • Altona Fire Department: Particulate hoods
  • Amboy Fire Protection District: Hoses
  • Annawan Alba Fire Protection District: Thermal imaging cameras
  • AOW Ambulance Service, Inc., NFP: Response shears, extrication gloves, and flashlights
  • Aroma Fire Protection District: Video laryngoscope intubation systems
  • Beecher Fire Protection District: Stabilization strut kit
  • Brown County Ambulance Service: Video laryngoscopes
  • Bureau Fire Protection District: Confined space kit and automated external defibrillators
  • Cedar Point Fire Department: Hoses
  • Chatsworth Fire Protection District: Hoses and nozzles
  • Chillicothe Community Fire Protection District: Automated external defibrillators
  • Custer Fire Protection District: Thermal imaging camera
  • Dimmick / Peru Fire Protection District: Drop-in skid unit
  • Downs Community Fire Protection District: Infusion pump kit
  • East Galesburg Volunteer Fire Department Association: Automated external defibrillators
  • Easton Rural Fire Protection District: Radios and pagers
  • Erie Fire Protection District: Positive pressure fan
  • FSW Fire Protection District: Fans and radio straps
  • Galva Fire Department: Thermal imaging cameras
  • Genoa-Kingston Fire Protection District: Automated external defibrillators, batteries, pads, and scene kits
  • Good Hope-Sciota Fire Protection District: Lighted traffic cones, high-visibility vests, LED handheld stop/slow signs, lighted traffic wands, LED helmet lights, leaf blower, magnetic lights, inverter, and nozzle
  • Griggsville Fire Department: Structural fire and extrication gloves
  • Hinckley Community Fire Protection District: Portable scene lights
  • Knoxville Community Fire Protection District: Turnout gear
  • La Harpe Fire Protection District: Thermal imaging camera and extrication cribbing
  • Lee Fire Department: Rescue board and box lights
  • LeRoy Emergency Ambulance Service, Inc.: Automated external defibrillator, CPR and airway dummies
  • Logan-Trivoli Fire Protection District: Thermal imaging cameras
  • Manteno Community Fire Protection District: Gas monitors
  • Mazon Verona Kinsman Rescue Squad District: Drugs, intubation, IV supplies, and needle decompression
  • Morrison Fire Department: Ventilation fan
  • Payson Fall-Creek Fire Protection District: Thermal imaging cameras, carabiner, and multi-charging station
  • PC EMS: Radios
  • Peoria Heights Fire Department: Fire helmets and fire gloves
  • Pontiac Fire Department: Multi-gas detectors
  • Reading Fire Department: Cut-off saw, extraction cribbing kit, saw conversion kit, and water rescue suits
  • Reddick Community Fire Protection District: Ventilation fan
  • Reynolds Fire Protection District: RIT-PAK self-contained breathing apparatus and Halligan bar
  • Roanoke Fire Protection District: Fittings, thermal cameras, and tablet with case
  • Rockton Fire Protection District: Thermal imaging camera
  • Schuyler County EMS: Pagers
  • Serena Fire Protection Dist.: Gas monitor with calibration and testing equipment
  • Sheridan Community Fire Protection District: Portable floating pump
  • Smithfield Fire Protection District: SCBA bottles
  • Spring Valley Fire Department: Automated external defibrillators
  • Stephenson County TEMS: Radios
  • Tonica Volunteer Fire Dept: Hoses
  • Tremont Fire Protection District: Tablets with waterproof cases
  • Tri District Ambulance Service: Splints and a scoop stretcher
  • Tri-Township Fire Protection District: Extrication tool
  • Verona-Kinsman Fire Protection District: Gloves, thermal imaging camera, and charging unit
  • Versailles Fire Protection District: Helmet lights and K12 saw
  • Warren Area Ambulance Service: Pagers


  • Adams Area Ambulance Service: A radio with batteries and a desktop charger
  • Alden Volunteer Fire Department: A hose reel, hose, and nozzle
  • Altura Fire Department: Rescue ropes, carabiners, harnesses, and accessories
  • Arlington Area Ambulance Service: A cardiac monitor and defibrillators, along with a battery charger station
  • Barnum Fire Department: Thermal imaging cameras
  • Brook Park Fire Department: Trauma kits, airway systems, rescue ropes, and harnesses
  • Cass Lake Rural Volunteer Fire Association: A ventilation fan
  • City of Victoria Fire Department: Firefighting nozzles
  • Clinton Township Fire Department: Pagers
  • Comfrey Fire Department: Stabilization struts
  • Critical Care Services, Inc. dba Life Link III: Infusion pumps and tubing kits
  • Dalbo Fire Department Inc.: Extrication equipment
  • Delavan Fire / First Responders: Automated external defibrillators
  • Dodge Center Fire Department: Fire hoses and nozzles
  • Ellendale Ambulance Service: A monitor/defibrillator and supplies
  • Elysian Fire Department: A chain saw, K12 saw, blades, an air compressor, a hammer drill and impact driver set, drill bit set, impact socket set, fire hose spanner wrenches, and rescue rope
  • Finlayson Fire & Rescue: A gas meter
  • Fulda Fire Department: Thermal imaging cameras
  • Gaylord Fire Department: Extrication tools
  • Goodhue Fire Department: A grain rescue tube
  • Hardwick Fire Department: A grain bin rescue tube and carrying case
  • Harmony Fire Department: A chain saw and K-saw
  • Hayfield Fire Department: Radios
  • Hollandale Fire and Rescue: An SCBA fill station and compressor unit
  • Jasper Community Ambulance: Radios
  • Kenyon Fire Department: SCBA air packs, air bottles, and face masks
  • Kiester Fire Department: Confined space kits
  • Lake City Fire Department: A high-powered compact fan with a long section of duct
  • Lake County Ambulance Service: WiFi gateways
  • Lakefield Fire Department: Pagers
  • LeSueur Fire Department: Hose and nozzles
  • Linwood Fire Department: Fire hoses, hose appliances, and medical supplies
  • Luverne Fire Department: Firefighter turnout gear
  • Madison Lake Fire Department: A vital signs monitor and carrying case
  • Mapleton Fire Department: Turnout gear
  • Montrose Fire Department: Nozzles
  • Morse Fall Lake First Responders: Automated external defibrillators
  • New Munich Fire Department: A ground monitor
  • Nicollet Fire Department: Pagers
  • Okabena Fire Department: Pagers
  • Onamia Fire Department: An ice rescue suit, water rescue ropes, and bags
  • Pequot Lakes Fire District: Gas monitors and a calibration station
  • Pickwick Fire and Rescue: Fire hoses
  • Rushford Community Ambulance/City of Rushford: Automated external defibrillators
  • Saint Peter Fire Department: Wildland firefighting gear
  • Sauk Rapids Fire Department: Gas meters and grass fire nozzles
  • Silver Lake Volunteer Fire Dept: Extrication tools
  • St. Clair Fire Department: Automated external defibrillators, electrodes, and pads
  • Stewartville Fire Department: Firefighting turnout gear
  • Swanville Rural Fire Association: A portable water pump
  • Taconite Fire and Rescue: Turnout gear, a helmet, SCBA masks, and hoods
  • Truman Fire & Rescue: Gas monitors
  • Wabasha Ambulance: CPR mannequins, a 12-lead cardiac rhythm generator, and an IV training arm
  • Waseca Fire Department: A chainsaw, K12 saw, and fire hose
  • Wykoff First Responders: Radios


  • Ada Fire Department: A thermal imaging camera
  • Beaver Dam Fire & Rescue Department: A ventilation fan
  • Belleville Area EMS: Cardiac monitor/defibrillator batteries and charger
  • Boltonville Volunteer Fire Department: A thermal imaging camera
  • Boscobel Fire Department Inc.: Structure firefighting gloves, axes, cutoff saws
  • Brooklyn Fire and EMS Protection District: Harnesses, rope, anchors, stokes basket, CMC clutch, rope bags
  • Brownsville Fire Company: Extrication gloves and a lifting cushion
  • Brule Fire Department: Metering equipment
  • Cambria Community Fire Department: A high elevation monitor
  • Chippewa Fire District: Automated external defibrillators
  • City of Kiel Fire Department and Ambulance Service: Water rescue suits, boots, rope throw bags, helmets, gloves, and duffel bags
  • Clayton Fire Department: SCBA bottles
  • Clinton Fire Protection District: Structural fire gloves
  • Cobb-Eden Volunteer Fire Department: Turnout gear
  • Cornucopia Fire Department: Rescue litter and handles, wheel kit
  • Cumberland Fire District: SCBA cylinders
  • Durand Fire Department - Durand Fire Relief Association: A hose tester
  • Ellsworth Fire Department: Pagers
  • Erv's Sparta Area Fire Protection District: Helmets, hoods, and structural boots
  • Farmington Emergency Medical team Inc.: Gas detectors
  • Fennimore Fire Department: A thermal imaging camera
  • Genoa Harmony Volunteer Fire/EMS Department: A health monitor
  • Glenbeulah Fire Department: Hose
  • Grand River Fire District: A grain rescue auger and cofferdam
  • Hixton Volunteer Fire Department: A stabilization airbags kit
  • Howards Grove Fire Department: Extrication rescue airbags
  • Jamestown Fire Department: Mobile digital radios
  • Ladysmith Fire Department: An extrication spreader and cutter
  • Lancaster Fire Department: Thermal imager cameras
  • Lauderdale LaGrange Fire Department: A cardiac monitor
  • Marquette County EMS: Portable suction units
  • Mondovi Fire Department: Cones, signs, and a sign stand
  • New Glarus Fire Department: Nozzles, valves, and tips
  • Newburg Fire Department: Structural firefighting boots, hoods, and gloves
  • Northwestern Municipal EMS, Inc.: IV pumps
  • Oakfield Fire Department & EMS: Pagers
  • Pepin Emergency Ambulance Service: Combicarriers
  • Pigeon Falls Volunteer Fire Department: A positive pressure fan
  • Port Washington Fire Department: Traffic safety vests and a drone
  • Reedsburg Area Ambulance Service: A stair chair
  • Ridgeland Wilson Fire & Rescue: Structural firefighting gear
  • Ridgeway Volunteer Fire Dept Inc: EMS gear and helmets
  • Roberts-Warren Fire Department: Structural firefighting turnout gear
  • Southern Ozaukee Fire and EMS: Pagers
  • Spring Valley Area Fire Department: Tablets and a computer
  • St Cloud Volunteer Firemens Association Inc.: An air refill station
  • Town of Nekimi Volunteer Fire Department: Gas meters
  • Union Grove Yorkville Fire Department: Turnout gear
  • Washburn Fire Department: An automated external defibrillator and hose
  • Wauzeka Fire Department: Hoses
  • Winneconne Poygan Fire District: Tools, socket sets, and wrenches
  • Woodford Volunteer Fire Department: Firefighter turnout gear
  • Yuba Volunteer Fire Department: Radios and a charging station

About the Fund for Rural America

The Compeer Financial Fund for Rural America is the corporate giving program of Compeer Financial, structured to support Compeer Financial’s mission to enrich agriculture and rural America. Compeer Financial’s Board of Directors has dedicated one percent of annual net earnings to support the Fund’s focus areas of agricultural advocacy and development, agriculture education, cooperative initiatives, rural development and community enrichment; and youth engagement. The Fund is managed by a Board of Trustees, made up of team members from Illinois, Minnesota and Wisconsin and members of the Compeer Financial Board of Directors. More information about opportunities available through the Fund can be found at


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Compeer Financial is the third largest cooperative of the Farm Credit System, a nationwide network of lending institutions supporting agriculture and rural communities with reliable, consistent credit and financial services. Learn more about Compeer Financial.



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