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Soil Carbon

Carbon farming involves implementing practices that are known to improve the rate at which carbon is removed from the atmosphere. Carbon farming is successful when carbon gains resulting from enhanced land management and/or conservation practices exceed carbon losses. 

Large companies looking to offset their environmental impact because of environmental oversight or because of consumer pressure are searching for carbon credits. They are turning to agriculture for credits to purchase that support farmers in transitioning to practices that reduce emissions and enrich the soil. 

These practices vary for every operation, but can include:

  • Reducing tillage
  • Planting cover crops
  • Increasing biodiversity

Our Compeer Carbon Access program has partnered with experts in the carbon market to help farmers on the practices that can help generate the best credits to their operation. Our partners use registry-approved methodology, data collection and modeling to produce credits with the greatest accuracy of measurement.

Contact your local financial officer or insurance officer to find out how carbon markets can benefit your operation. 

Compeer Financial has developed its Carbon Access Program in connection with industry partners to provide information and access to carbon markets.  Compeer’s industry partners will initiate all transactions in the carbon marketplace, with Compeer having a financial incentive for referral of clients with its industry partners that result in obtaining marketable carbon credits.   Qualification for enrollment will be determined solely by Compeer’s industry partners and there is no guarantee that all clients or properties will qualify.   Forestry program limited to properties of 5000 acres or more.  Other restrictions may apply. Terms, conditions and programs are subject to change without notice.  Compeer Financial is an equal opportunity employer and provider, and an equal credit opportunity lender.

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