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Online Banking FAQ

How do I enroll in Online Banking? Enrollment is easy and only takes a few minutes!

  1. Visit and click Account Login in the upper right corner, then click Sign Into Online Banking. You can also enroll right within our Mobile Banking App.
  2. On the Online Banking page, click Register to get started.
  3. Enter your Loan Number, Social Security Number (or EIN) and Client Number. Then click Submit.
  4. The next step will help us to authenticate your identity. Select a phone number we currently have on file and opt to receive a confirmation code by either a text message or phone call. After you receive your eight-digit confirmation code, enter it in the verification box provided.
  5. After you’ve been verified, you’ll be prompted to create a User ID and password.
  • Your User ID must be 8-32 characters long.
  • Your password must be at least eight characters long and include all of the following: an upper case letter, a lower case letter, a numeral and a special character.
  1. You will then be prompted to pick three security questions. We’ll use the questions and answers to help authenticate your identity in certain situations. There is a drop down window where you can choose different questions if needed. Once you have a question selected, you can enter the answer to the question. The answer is NOT case sensitive.
  2. After you’ve confirmed your security questions, the next step is to accept the Master Online Banking User Agreement. Read through the agreement and at the bottom of the page, click the check box and Accept.
  3. You’ll then be logged into your Online Banking account. Congratulations!

Where do I find my Client Number?
You can find your Client Number in the upper right corner of your statements from Compeer Financial. If you need help finding this information, please call us at (800) 705-6603.

How do I download the Mobile Banking app?
To find our Mobile Banking app, just search for Compeer Banking in your app store.
How do I make a payment or schedule a transfer?

1.Under the Accounts tab, select Pay Now, which is the fastest and easier way to make an immediate payment on multiple accounts. You must have an External Account set up to use Pay Now. If you want to schedule a payment to occur on a specific day or on a recurring basis, select Make/Edit Transfers under the Transfers tab.

2.To make a payment on your Compeer Financial accounts through Pay Now, click Accounts and select Pay Now in the dropdown menu. All accounts with payments due are automatically selected. If you choose not to pay one or more of the accounts, unselect those accounts. You can add extra principal to this payment to be applied as a Special Principal payment. For loans with a pre-payment penalty product, fees may be charged to the payment.

3.To use the Make/Edit Transfer option, click the From Account dropdown list and select the account that is the source of funds you wish to transfer.  

4.Next, click the To Account dropdown list and select the account you want the transferred funds to be applied to. This can be any account (internal or external) as long as it is not the same account in the From drop down. 

5.Enter the amount of money you wish to transfer. If an amount is shown in the Fixed Payment box, this is the current amount owed or in billing for the account selected in the To Account. You may change the payment amount shown or use the Principal Only or Interest Only options. Principal and Interest Only will only be available when no amounts are in billing. Principal Only amounts are applied as a Special Principal Payment. 

6.Select from one of three Scheduling Options:

Immediate is only available for transfers that involve a Compeer Financial account in the From Account and the To Account. The cut off time for immediate transfers is 4 p.m. CT.

Current or Future-Dated One Time is available for internal and external accounts. Payments and transfers can be scheduled to occur on the next business day or later.

Recurring is available for internal or external accounts and is used to schedule repeating future transactions with regular intervals.

7. Add a description to the transfer for reference purposes only.

8. Scheduled transactions will appear on the Transfer Activity tab under Transfers. If you need to cancel a transaction that is still pending, you may do so up until the cut off time for that transaction type. Pay Now transactions cannot be cancelled and will show as pending on the Account Activity tab under Accounts.

How do I connect and manage external accounts?

  1. Under Transfers, select External Accounts. On this page you can manage your external accounts, including deleting existing accounts and adding new accounts.
  2. To add a new external account, click Add External Account. 
  3. Enter the routing and account numbers of the account you’d like to connect. Add an account nickname and select the account type. Then click Submit.
  4. Within a few days of submitting this information, two small deposits will be made to the external account you set up. These micro deposits are temporary and the funds will not remain in your account.
  5. After the micro deposits hit your external account, log back into Compeer’s Online Banking, go to Transfers, External Accounts, and click the Verify link. You will then be prompted to enter the two amounts of the micro deposits that were sent to your external account. These amounts do NOT have to be in any particular order and you do NOT have to key the decimal point.
  6. Once the amounts are verified, you will have access to this external account on the Transfers screen to move money or make payments.

What is Pay Now and how do I use it?
It’s easy to pay your Compeer Financial bills online using our Pay Now feature in Online Banking. You must have an external account linked to your Online Banking account and a loan that is currently in billing for the Pay Now application to open. You will be prompted if those requirements are not met.

  1. Log in to the Compeer Financial Online Banking system.
  2. Click Accounts and then Pay Now. You will need to enable pop-ups for this website if your web browser blocks them.
  3. Select the accounts you wish to pay and the bank account you wish to use for payment. You can pay multiple accounts in one easy transaction.
  4. Click on Submit and Confirm. You will receive an email confirmation of the transaction. 

The Pay Now transactions will be listed as pending in the Account Details tab.
How do I view my account information and transaction details?
You can view a summary of your accounts on the Accounts Summary page. When a payment is past due, the amount due will display in red.

  1. On the Accounts Summary page, view an account by clicking on the Account Nickname. You can view your loan transactions, along with specific account details in the right column on the page.
  2. Customize your visible transactions by selecting More Search Options. There are multiple filter options available to be used to view specific transactions
  3. Print the Account Transactions by selecting More Search Options and then selecting the Printer Friendly icon in the lower middle of the screen. Download the Account Transactions by selecting the Spreadsheet link below the search button.

How do I view my statements and payment notices?
Statements and Bills can be viewed by selecting the eStatements tab under the Accounts dropdown menu. If you have multiple accounts, select the correct account in the Current Profile dropdown. Locate the statement or payment notice you’d like to view and select “click here” to view the document.
How can I request paperless statements?
It’s easy to request paperless statements. In Online Banking, select Accounts, then eStatements, then eStatements Preferences.
If you have multiple accounts, select the correct account in the Current Profile dropdown. Click the radio buttons next to Turn Off Paper Statement and Turn Off Paper Bill and select Submit to confirm your choice to no longer receive paper bills and statements.
How can I view copies of paid drafts?
Under Accounts, select Account Activity for a list of drafts. Click the link next to the draft number to view a pdf image of the front and back of the paid draft. (You will need to enable pop-ups for this website if your web browser blocks them.) Simply close the image’s pop-up window when you are finished viewing the draft.
How do I export transactions for QuickBooks?

It’s easy to export transactions for QuickBooks. Click Accounts, then QB WebConnect. Select the account, and the starting and ending dates for the transactions you would like to export. Then select the software destination for the file – either Quicken or QuickBooks – and that’s all it takes.

Can I use Online Banking to set up alerts to notify me about account activity?
Yes, you may opt to receive specific email and text alerts for your accounts. You can even customize your notifications to include balance alerts, cleared drafts, transaction alerts and more.

Click Profile, then Alerts to customize the alerts you would like to receive for each account. You can change your alerts at any time by scrolling down to view your Current Alerts. You can also review your Alert History on this page.
Is Online Banking Secure?
Compeer Financial’s highest priority is protecting your financial information. Our Online Banking and Mobile Banking tools are designed with multi-layered security to protect your accounts and safeguard your information. Our systems follow the high industry standard of protection, using dual authentication to protect your personal information.

Which internet browsers are supported by the Online Banking system?

All major internet browsers are supported by our Online Banking system, including Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Internet Explorer and Safari. A PDF viewer will be needed to view statements, bills and drafts. 


If you need additional assistance, contact Compeer Financial at (800) 705-6603, 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.

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