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Loans for Farms: Find the Right Type of Financing

Whether you're expanding your acreage, upgrading equipment, or starting a new venture altogether, every farm operation has its own unique needs. The right farm loan can be a powerful tool to fuel your agricultural ambitions.

This guide will navigate you through the different farm loan options available. We'll explore how each loan type can enable your farm's growth and success.

Farmland Loan

A farmland loan is a loan for a real estate purchase. Established farmers use them to expand their acreage, or refinance their existing mortgages. Choose from fixed rates, variable rates, and revolving lines of credit with your farmland loan. This ensures flexibility to match your financial situation, whether you need long-term stability or short-term access to funds.

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Operating Loan

If you need funds for things like feed, fertilizer, minor building improvements, or other basic operating costs then an operating loan could be the right option for you. These loans give you access to cash you need when you need it so you can keep your business running smoothly.  

A revolving operating loan is similar to how a credit card works. You have access to a certain amount of money you can draw from and pay back repeatedly over one year or multiple years.  

By contrast, a non-revolving operating loan offers a set amount of funds that can be used once. 

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Equipment & Facility Loans

Equipment & facility loans can be used for purchasing heavy equipment. While they can be in the form of a monetary loan, they don’t always need to be. Sometimes it makes more sense to lease a piece of equipment (or in some cases a fleet of equipment). That could be the right move if you need equipment for a short time or don’t want to take on the risk of repairing or replacing equipment you own.

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Starter Loans

New farmers often face hurdles securing traditional loans due to limited financial history. Starter loans, however, take a different approach. They look beyond financial records, considering factors like relevant work or school experiences, strong family support, and other signs of responsibility.

Compeer offers newer farmers the chance to take advantage of our GroundBreakers program. Farmers who are 35 years old or younger and have been farming for less than 10 years can get access to operating funds as well as workshops, training and resources that help them have a better understanding of the financial side of farming.

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Livestock Loans

Livestock farming requires flexibility to adapt to changing demands. Livestock loans can help you stay nimble by providing funding to start, grow, or restock your feedlot, or even diversify your operation with new types of livestock.

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Organic Bridge Loan

Transitioning from a conventional farming operation to an organic farm doesn’t happen overnight. An organic bridge loan can help you maintain liquidity while you work towards achieving organic certification.

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Loans for Emerging Markets

Non-traditional farms like urban farms, bee keeping operations, or direct-to-consumer produce businesses need loans, too. Loans for emerging markets, like the kind offered at Compeer, can help get business owners in these markets access to the funds they need to operate.

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As you can see, there are farm loans for every stage of your agricultural operation. If you’re still unsure about which loan or financial product is the right fit for your operation, talk to a lending professional who understands agriculture. They will be able to help sort through the available options and match you with a loan or lease that serves your situation best. 


Get started with your farm loan today. Contact us now to connect with a specialist or loan officer near you.

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