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A Legacy of Growth and Partnership

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In the Illinois heartland, amid rolling fields and a strong agricultural tradition, MAC Cattle Co. stands as a testament to the hard work and dedication of the Maiers family. With Kenny and Sandi Crim at the helm, along with their daughter Leann Maiers, Leann’s husband Tim and their son Trevor, MAC Cattle Co. has emerged as a thriving grower cattle operation, earning a well-deserved reputation in the farming industry.

Scaling with Care

The foundation of MAC Cattle Co.’s success lies in their meticulous approach to raising and nurturing their livestock. The operation follows a unique process, starting with acquiring cattle when they weigh around 600 pounds. The family then diligently feeds and cares for the animals until they reach a weight of 900 pounds. At this point, the cattle are sent out West for finishing on a feedlot. This strategic approach allows MAC Cattle Co. to leverage the location of their farm, raising the cattle to an optimal weight before shipping them for the final stages of growth.

With barns capable of accommodating 800 feeder cattle at a time, MAC Cattle Co. operates with three rotations per year, amounting to an impressive total of 2,400 animals passing through their facilities annually. This remarkable scale of operation reflects the family’s commitment to growth and their ability to adapt to an evolving industry.

“I really knew I wanted to be a farmer when I was about 18,” Trevor said. “It’s important for me to keep our operation adaptable so we can stick around for many more generations to come.”

Partnerships for Progress

As MAC Cattle Co. continues to expand and evolve, they rely on their trusted partners to navigate the ever-changing landscape of agriculture. Jessica Carolan, their financial officer at Compeer Financial, serves as an integral adviser alongside nutritionists and veterinarians. Together, they form a panel that provides valuable insights and ensures the utmost care for the cattle. This open line of communication and consultation exemplifies the strong partnership between MAC Cattle Co. and their advisers.

“As a family, we believe in constant improvement and learning,” Tim said. “The discussions we have with our advisers directly impact the health and well-being of our cattle. It’s a true partnership built on trust and open communication.”

Community Support

The dedication and passion of the family have not gone unnoticed in the community. Leann and Tim received the prestigious Quincy Farm Family of the Year award this year, recognizing their outstanding contributions to the local farming community.

Meanwhile, Trevor, a young leader with the Illinois Beef Association, actively participates in industry initiatives, further highlighting the family’s commitment to promoting and improving the beef industry.

“Being involved with the Beef Association at the county level gives me a good local network,” Trevor said. “And attending events like Compeer’s GroundBreakers Conference gives me a huge edge in learning what’s going to happen and preparing to deal with future challenges.”

With a clear vision, strong partnerships and unwavering dedication, MAC Cattle Co.’s story is one of resilience, growth and a deep-rooted passion for agriculture. The operation’s rapid evolution and adaptability are a testament to the family’s entrepreneurial spirit and their desire to provide quality products to the market. The Maiers family, supported by their agricultural network, is paving the way for a promising future that will inspire generations to come.

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