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Country Living: 4 Reasons to Choose the Countryside

Home buying and selling is as complicated as ever, with high-interest rates and low housing stock across the country. Lenders and real estate agents face major headwinds as they try to serve their clients’ needs. What can you do to stand out and get results?

Show buyers an exciting home buying option

Some buyers may need a push in a new direction: the country. If any of the following resonates, you may have clients who should expand their home buying search into more rural areas:

1. Budgets aren’t big enough for the city

If buyers have a long list of requirements and a budget that can’t keep up, they may be able to make their money go further in the country. Buyers are often surprised at the fantastic size and condition of rural properties in their price range compared to smaller and less appealing options within the city.

2. Suburbs just don’t offer the charm

For those unimpressed with the cookie cutter, suburban offerings, the charm of the countryside awaits. Many country homes include the same nearby amenities and city utility hookups offered in the suburbs, but with the added benefits of serene views and enhanced privacy. 

3. Flexibility with commute times

Whether your buyers are remote workers, self-employed entrepreneurs, fully retired or have other sources of income, those without a commute have the freedom to choose a property based on personal fit rather than drive times. The countryside emerges as an ideal setting for those prioritizing their lifestyle preferences over location. 

4. Long-term goals need land and space

For buyers who want a large lot size, have dreams of hobby farming, and place a premium on privacy, country homes could be the answer. Rather than settling for a city house, why not encourage buyers to take the leap into a country home that better meets their needs and goals?

Have you had conversations with buyers who may be a good fit for a country home? Don’t lose your valued customers – help them get the financing they need to achieve their dreams.

Give yourself a competitive edge

The RuraLiving® mortgage program was specifically designed to meet the needs of lenders and their hobby farm clients. RuraLiving allows banks and credit unions to originate and close rural property loans that are then reviewed and serviced by RuraLiving.

By partnering with RuraLiving, you gain a team of unique property specialized experts, reducing your risk and guesswork, and offer new loan products to your customers. It’s a win-win-win!

To learn more and see if our RuraLiving is right for your organization, contact us at 507-385-4965 or [email protected].

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