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Our Correspondent Mortgage Lending Team partners with you to serve the market for rural home and hobby farm loans. It is specifically designed for properties that often fall outside traditional guidelines.

The RuraLiving® home mortgage product is offered on a non-delegated correspondent basis, which gives you the ability to originate and close the loan in your name while we review them for eligibility, purchase and service them. Our program is available in all 50 states to mortgage bankers, banks and credit unions.


What Properties Qualify?

The RuraLiving program is dedicated to providing long-term financing for non-conventional secondary-market hobby farm properties with agricultural characteristics.


This rural area home mortgage program is designed for clients who want to purchase a rural property that has some acreage and the potential to start a small hobby farm. It is for the person who has a vocation other than farming but wants to live in a rural area.

  • Primary and secondary residence
  • Home and property in good condition with no deferred maintenance or incomplete construction
  • Properties ranging from approximately 5 to 160 acres
  • Property has the reasonable capability of generating $500 of annual agricultural income
  • The borrower's primary business or vocation is something other than farming
  • Home value should make up approximately 30% of overall property value
  • Shed homes and barndominiums are acceptable
  • Outbuildings like barns, stables, silos
  • Schedule F Income
  • Farm animals, up to 50 head
  • Pastureland
  • Up to three dwellings on the property


The RuraLiving mortgage program is NOT for those who wish to become full-time farmers, developers or investors.

  • Full-time farming operation or a property with more than 50 head of livestock
  • Townhome, duplex or planned unit development
  • Unique homes (like dome homes) without similar designed comparable sales
  • Investment properties

Benefit for Lenders

Why should you become a correspondent lender with Compeer? Benefits for lenders include:

  • Being able to offer long-term, competitive, fixed-rate mortgage solution options for a niche market in rural areas
  • Opportunity to open up a new segment of business not only for you but your realtor contacts as well
  • We provide a dedicated and experienced team to help you through a simple and convenient loan process
  • Flexible appraisal requirements for rural areas

Find more detailed information on our RuraLiving Home Mortgage product.

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Contact one of our Correspondent Reps to learn more and to see if this program is a fit for your company.

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