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How Rural Home Financing Can Benefit Lenders

A rural life provides freedom and flexibility for homebuyers dreaming of escaping the crowded paved streets of the city for the relaxing open roads of the countryside. Fresh air, wider space and more privacy are just a few of the many freedoms country dwellers enjoy.

But did you know moving to the country can be just as freeing for lenders as it is for borrowers?

At RuraLiving, we don’t just celebrate the freedoms country life offers, we share it. Learn how you can reap the benefits of rural finance with our correspondent lending program.


Business Growth

Like hobby farmers who grow fresh produce from fertile soil, lenders can also plant seeds to grow their businesses.

Gain access to a niche market with RuraLiving along with new opportunities for you and your realtor contacts to provide long-term, competitive, fixed-rate rural mortgage loan solutions for rural homebuyers. With more borrowers interested in living in the country, now is the time to expand into this market segment, which continues to grow with increasing demand.

Discover how you can market rural mortgages with these tips. While your clients enjoy their expansive rural property, you can enjoy the expansion of your growing business.


Support and Simplicity

Country folks rely on their neighbors for support and we apply the same rural kinship to our corresponding partners.

Lenders in our program receive assistance they can depend on, from digital marketing templates to in-person support from relationship managers on our team. RuraLiving is made up of expert mortgage specialists who are experienced with the uniqueness of rural properties and are equipped to supply you with relevant information and tools to succeed, like our lending for rural properties guide.

We can even co-host informational workshops on rural financing to simplify the application process and explain program eligibility for additional support. By extending a helping hand, we ensure a smooth and convenient loan process for both you and your clients.


Flexible Land Appraisal Requirements

A partnership with RuraLiving means being able to better connect clients with different financing options for homes and hobby farms in rural communities.

We offer a competitive advantage with flexible land appraisal tailored for the unique aspects of rural properties. Additionally, with us comparable sales can be up to 12 months old and within a 50-mile radius of the subject property.  

Available in all 50 states, our program is determined to provide long-term financing for properties falling outside traditional guidelines and is offered on a non-delegated correspondent basis. This gives you the ability to originate and close the loan in your name while we review them for eligibility, purchase and service them. 

It’s kind of like how stars seems to shine brighter in the country than they do in the city, even though they’re the same stars. Lenders still work with their borrowers as usual. What we do is enhance the experience.


Both borrowers and lenders can benefit from the freedoms of the countryside. There’s a field of reasons why making the move can be as freeing for them as it can be for you. Harvest them with a RuraLiving partnership. Call 507-385-4965 or email [email protected] to get in touch with a team member today.

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